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What does The Queen of England eat and drink?

We know what King Edward VII was eating in June 1902 thanks to the Jockey Club Dinner Menu that resides the University of Nevada's Special Collection "The Art of Dining" and in our Fine Prints Collection.

Buckingham Palace Jockey Club Dinner June 1902

Buckingham Palace, June 4 1902 Jockey Club Dinner Menu

110 years later, to coincide with Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, food writer Christopher Hirst gives an exclusive insider's view of what the Queen of England and her family's food loves and hates are.

Some highlights include marmalade, both dark and light as well as yoghurt, porridge and cornflakes in Tupperware containers. The Duke of Edinburgh is a "barbecue obsessive". The Queen prefers simple food to fancy (she has a soft spot for sausages) and the odd Dubonnet and gin to fine wine. Earl Grey is the tea of preference at Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty is "a specialist when it comes to eggs, and is one of many who insist that, whatever nutrition experts might say, a brown egg tastes better". A partiality for Chocolate Oliver biscuits was shared by the Queen Mother and John Lennon.

Exclusive insider's guide: 60 royal foodie facts for 60 years of HRH - The Independent

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