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Bruce Springsteen Vs Sweetcorn: Some tips for "The Boss" courtesy of Betty Fussell

The importance of being corn: Dublin, Ohio Corn Field

Bruce Springsteen's antipathy towards sweet corn (see his rider for the 2012 Hyde Park gig) tells us he's obviously had some bad corn times in the past. Well, he's missing out on something very special. But even we didn't know, until we heard this interview with fabulous Betty Fussell, the renowned food writer and historian, in 2011, that corn eaten raw is fantastic but if you're going to to boil it  the limit is a strict 50 seconds. And don't even think about touching the husk until the corn hits the boiling water.  Here is the transcript of the NPR interview with Betty: How To Cook Perfect Corn July 2011

And if you don't know Betty we strongly suggest you check out some of her important books:

Betty Fussell's Official Website

So Bruce, perhaps if you take Betty's corn wisdom to your table, you may never ever have to say again "... specifically no sweet corn". 

Over to you Boss...


  • The Editor

    Duly amended. Thanks for pointing out our error.

  • Paulette Pierson

    Just want to bring to your attention, the concrete corn scultures in the photo are in Dublin, OH not Danville. I have a photo of them as my computer desk top. I lived about 5 miles south of their location.

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