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This will make your toes curl... In the Yukon - The Sourtoe Cocktail

Eew... A cocktail served up behind the bar of a hotel in Dawson City in the Yukon, south of the Arctic Circle, has a human toe at the bottom of the glass. The Sourtoe Cocktail is popular with tourists. The toe has to touch the lips of the drinker and those who are brave - or stupid - enough to try it get a certificate, according to today's Wall Street Journal.

The tradition has been going on since 1980. The original toe touched roughly 75 pairs of lips before it was swallowed by an over-zealous miner. A replacement toe was swallowed in 1983. Other toes have been damaged. Toes are donated by people who have lost digits to frostbite or in accidents. Here's how one toe ended up in the cocktail:

"Steve White, 42, a chain-link fence installer in Whitehorse, got his pinkie toe amputated in January 2000 after developing hammertoe—and, having heard the story of the Sourtoe, asked the doctor to save it.  Mr. White didn't get around to donating until April 2002. "The call came out from Dawson, they had no toes going into the season," Mr. White recalls. Before that, he had had it in a jar in his freezer. "My wife wasn't very happy with me," he says. Mr. White sent the toe up to Dawson City and later drove up to "do the toe" for the first time—with his own toe. "I always tell people I left a little piece of me in Dawson," he says."

Original Wall Street Journal Article here.

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