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Is this the answer to why a ballerina was dancing in a champagne glass covered by a top hat?

One of the latest additions to the Cool Culinaria collection is from the Hi Hat Cocktail Lounge Wine List. The bar was in the Ambassador Hotel in Washington D.C. and our cover comes from the 1930s:

We posed this query in the product information: "We’re not quite sure why a ballerina is dancing in a champagne glass covered by a top hat..." and Susan Elin Zacharias came back to us with a very plausible explanation:

"The ballerina, Anna Pavlova, performed at the Shubert-Belasco Theater, Washington DC. Since the theater was only 2 blocks away from The Ambassador Hotel, I have a hunch that she stayed there, and this was a tribute to her when she died in 1931. (Both buildings were razed in the 1960's-70's.)"

That works for us!

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