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Scottish Bakery In Trouble Over 'Buckfast' Cronuts

CRONUT copycats are sprouting up all over the world with horrible names like the Do-Kro, Crumb-Nut, Crobar and the Doughssant and, of course, they don’t taste half as good as Dominique Ansel’s fabulous – and unique - pastry.
But a bakery in Scotland might well have committed the biggest sin of all….it’s being investigated for creating cronut knock-offs laced with an alcohol called Buckfast.
Buckfast, for those of you who do not know, is a vile and extremely strong tonic wine much beloved of tramps and vagrants in this northern country. It was originally made by Benedictine monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon.
Apparently, the foul-tasting beverage was drizzled on whipped cream that went into the imitation Scottish cronuts.
The product has now been withdrawn after Alcohol Awareness Groups protested.
We’d protest too. We’ve only ever had a whiff of Buckfast and we nearly threw up.
Here is a bottle of "Buckie" in its natural habitat:
The original story in The Herald.

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